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Product Name:Metal Conditioner
Product ID:TRIPAK20150206013
Reference Quote:
Packing Size:
1. SF Level 250kg/barrel
2. H Level 239kg/bucket
3. 4.5kg/can
Detailed Introduction:

Under heavy stress conditions where EP (Extreme Pressure) lubricants are vital to normal operation, Metal Conditioner adds an extra measure of wear protection.

Metal Conditioner is an oil-soluble, heat-stable chemical compound containing elements that act on metal surfaces to form a super-tough shield against friction, heat, wear, and corrosive build-up.

The Metal Conditioner formulation is especially adapted for use in heavy industrial, marine, and aviation applications. In bulldozers, graders, compactors, ships locomotives, heavy hydraulic presses, cutters, stamping machines, and similar machinery, Metal Conditioner covers metal surfaces with a petro-chemical barrier that helps protect moving parts against wear.

The special Metal Conditioner formulation is designed to be introduced to metal parts through the lubricant normally used. It should be added at a 16:1 ratio - one part Metal Conditioner to sixteen parts lubricant. Metal Conditioner does not adversely affect or alter the lubricant, but treats the surface of the metal to form a protective shield against wear. In some appropriate to mix Metal Conditioner at 16:1 with a quart of oil and wipe, spray, pour or brush the mixture onto the tool help extend tool and equipment life.

Metal Conditioner blends with most types of petroleum lubricants, and does not affect in any way the lubricants to which it is added. Metal Conditioner amalgamates with the surface of the metal by forming a petro-chemical barrier over microscopic irregularities in the surface. When mixed in the proper proportions, it forms an extra heavy shield that protects moving metal parts against friction heat and wear.

Typical Specifications:

    H Grade SF Grade
Specific Gravity ASTM D-1298 1.10-1.18 1.23-1.32
% H2O ASTM D-95 <0.05  
Solubility in water   Insoluble Insoluble
Viscosity @ 40  ̊C ASTM D-445 18-25 50-80
Color   Amber light Light Yellow to Colorless
% Ash @ 775  ̊C ASTM D-482 0.94 ± 0.1  
Odor   Very slight to none Very slight to none

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