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Auto-Metal is a stable mineral oil based dispersion containing extreme pressure additives and a blend of soft metal particles, the action of boundary lubrication ensures the transfer of the metal particles onto the surfaces of the parts in relative motion.




Engine oil additives such as Molybdenum Disulphide, Graphite and PTFE are well known and their benefits have been well documented over a number of years. These materials help in periods of extreme engine stress, from cold start-up, over heating or even in a total oil loss situation.

Auto-Metal, whilst containing these conventional additives, has the additional advantage of soft metals, which actively rebuild worn surfaces on moving parts. This is of particular use in I.C. engines (Diesel or Petrol).

Increased wear leads to reduced cylinder compression which gives poorer engine performance along with an increase in toxic emissions.

The plating action of Auto-Metal helps regenerate worn surfaces which improves and helps balance cylinder compression leading to increased fuel consumption, smoother and more even engine running together with reduced emissions.

One can per 5 liters of oil is normally sufficient. Just add Auto-Metal to the engine and run for several minutes to ensure sufficient mixing has taken place.

To ensure the best results Auto-Metal should be used regularly and added at each oil change.

Typical Specifications:

Appearance Green/Black
Density, g/ml 0.95


Without Auto-Metal 30cSt oil 126 kg
100cSt oil 126 kg
With Auto-Metal 30cSt oil 225 kg
100cSt oil 225 kg
The table shows the improvement under a-4-ball test environment, which is obtained by the addition Auto-Metal (5% by weight) to 2 base oils, 30cSt and 100cSt at 40℃。
The 4-ball does give an indication of the improvements likely to be obtained where extreme pressures prevail.
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