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Tripak Auto-Energizer is an advanced nano-technology metal anti-wear agent which has been developed over the past 16 years by a team of senior lubrication engineers from China, America, United Kingdom and Canada.  Being the result of more than 3000 analyses and experiments, this metal conditioner has been thoroughly tested and is regarded as a cutting-edge product that has made a remarkable contribution to the technology of lubrication industry.

Tripak Auto-Energizer is synthesized using scientifically-applied chemical and physical methodology. Nanometer-size non-active oil-soluble metal particles are dispersed in a medium of Tripak metal conditioner to form the Tripak Auto-Energizer.  Nanotechnology anti-wear engine oils and other industrial oils formulated by incorporating Tripak Auto-Energizer allows the transportation of Nano-alloy particles 10 nm in diameter to friction surfaces where they will undergo the cycling process of adherence/ wear-off/ readherence, reinforcing the lubricant film on the surface, filling the surface pores and providing a protective treatment, so that the surface metal can resist being worn off by the friction between the moving surfaces. 

Tripak Auto-Energizer is especially suitable for application in LPG, LNG, CNG, mixed alcohol methanol, hydrogen and DME engines. This super lubricant additive has a unique high-evaporation-temperature characteristic. As it is taken to the combustion chamber by the piston ring, its very high flash point allows it to instantaneously create a strong buffer to the combustion chamber wall, preventing most of the “oil on the ring” from immediate oxidation, so the “oil on the ring” can continue to play a role in neutralization, dispersion and circulation in the lubrication system.

Tripak Auto-Energizer has an excellent performance and long life. Its specification has exceeded the requirements of many modern gasoline and diesel-powered car engines. Tripak Auto-Energizer has been thoroughly tested in the United States laboratories and racing venues, and has been recommended as the first-choice lubrication additive for cars and engines.

Tripak Auto-Energizer does not form any particulates during operation.  As a result, a lubricant containing Tripak Auto-Energizer can pass through engine oil filters without causing obstruction. Furthermore, because this additive does not contain any active extreme-pressure agent, it does not have any strong chemical cleaning effect on engine walls to cause the accumulation of carbon particles in the lubricant, and does not trigger the colloid of the oil to disintegrate. Because Tripak Auto-Energizer uses synthetic ester base oil and the best dispersant as the dilution agent it has a very wide temperature operation range and is nearly perfect for application in any climate.

Tripak Auto-Energizer interacts with metal surfaces of a lubrication system and produces a protective film referred to as an equilibrium Nano-sulfur film which prevents the direct contact between metal surfaces. As the Nano-film on metal surfaces hardens and levels, it greatly reduces the direct metal body friction, minimizes the damage of metallic material and diminishes the shock load occurred in high-pressure boundary lubrication movement.

Advantages of Tripak Auto-Energizer: 
1) Elimination of charcoal build-up inside the engine
2) Overall reduction of wear and improve extreme-pressure properties
3) Providing nearly complete sealing resulting in a strong increase in power output
4) Improving the operational life of the lubrication system inside the machine
5) Slowing down the oxidation of lubricants and extending the useful life of lubricants
6) Has significant effect on energy (fuel oil) saving
7) Has negligible emission of pollutants


Item Specification Test Method
Appearance Dark brown liquid Visual
Density (20℃)Kg/cm3 1.02 GB/T1855
Kinematic Viscosity cSt @100℃ 25.81 GB/T265
Kinematic Viscosity cSt @40℃ 273.04 GB/T265
Viscosity Index 122 GB/T2541
Flash point ℃(Open) 150 GB/T3536
Pour point ℃ -18 GB/T3535
Water% N/A GB/T260
Liquid Rust(A method) N/A GB/T11143
When the product is used as additive in a lubrication system, the recommended concentration is: as 1.8%-2.2% (usually 2%).


Tripak Auto-Energizer can be applied to lubrication systems of various gasoline and diesel engines, including Mercedes-Benz engines, Caterpillar diesel engines, Cummins diesel engines, Volvo diesel engines, Hino diesel engines, Nissan Diesel engines, Isuzu diesel engines, Steyr diesel engines, Yulin Diesel Engines, Weichai Diesel Engines, Changchai Diesel Engines, Wuxi Diesel Engines, Shangchai Diesel Engines ,etc.; and in medium and large buses, construction machinery vehicles, heavy mining transport vehicles, small and medium vessels, tanks, armored vehicles ,and diesel generators.


Compasseco Enterprise Co., Ltd. provides warranty for Tripak Auto-Energizer and guarantees that the product will not damage any component in any lubrication system Compasseco Enterprises further guarantees that the Auto-Energizer will not encounter dissolution or rejection when used with standard lubrication oils meeting API, SAE, ISO and OEM standards.

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