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Product Name:Diesel Fuel Conditioner
Product ID:TRIPAK20150209003
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Diesel Fuel Conditioner is a special petro-chemical formulation in a light petroleum carrier. It is compounded to be compatible with all types and grades of diesel fuel. Diesel Fuel Conditioner contains highly effective to metal and other materials used in injectors, fuel meters, fuel pumps, and the entire fuel system.

Diesel Fuel Conditioner acts as an effective water separator, algaecide, and anti-congealant. It works in any engine tank or in bulk storage tanks to separate moisture from the fuel and retard the growth of algae. It also helps prevent diesel fuel from congealing in cold weather.

In diesel engines, Diesel Fuel Conditioner helps to clean carbon, gum and sludge from the engine. As an atomizer, it helps improve combustion by making fuel burn uniformly. The detergent action of Fuel Conditioner helps keep injectors, pumps, and fuel lines clean, and its water separating ability helps make it easier to drain water from the fuel system.

The Metal Conditioner in Diesel Fuel Conditioner, in addition to treating and protecting the combustion chamber, also helps injectors function in more efficient and trouble-free manner.

Diesel Fuel Conditioner is used in all types and sizes of diesel engines in trucks, trains, ships, generators, compressors, tractors, passenger cars, road building and mining machinery, and even in bulk storage tanks where it helps keep fuel “fresh.”

Combine 40ml of Diesel Fuel Conditioner with 50 liters of fuel (one ounce to 10 U.S gallons). Simply pour it into the tank containing the diesel fuel —no special mixing is required. Because Diesel Fuel Conditioner and other highly effective cleaners, engine efficiency may be improved by engine adjustment after first application.

Typical Specifications:

Specific Gravity: Range 0.834-0.854 @ 75  ̊F
% (H2O): Not to exceed 0.25% (2500 PPM)
Color: Light brown
Odor: Yes
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