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Product Name:Black Magic Calcium Sulfonate Complex Grease
Product ID:TRIPAK20150206003
Reference Quote:
Packing Size:
1. 180kg/barrel
2. 18kg/bucket
3. 9kg/bucket
4. 2kg/can(6cans/box)
5. 400g/tube
Detailed Introduction:

Tripak, Inc has combined the technology of calcium sulfonate complex with oil designed specifically for the extreme conditions found in the Hot Strip Mill.

For years, it has been known that calcium sulfonate greases have produced resistance to mechanical breakdowns, withstood extreme pressures and have possessed very good anti-wear properties and excellent resistance to corrosion.

To these excellent qualities, we have added good pump-ability, great water resistance and ability to with stand extreme temperatures.

Black Magic has no heavy metal content which accounts for its extended wear capability and has a great appeal as an environmentally friendly product.

Black Magic offers the following:
  1. Performs over a wide temperature range
  2. Exhibits good shear stability
  3. Possesses great water resistance properties
  4. Provides protection against rust and corrosion
  5. Possesses good anti-wear and load carrying abilities
  6. Suitable for use in central grease systems   
Black Magic calcium sulfonate complex grease is part of a new generation of lubrication grease technology. A thickener system comprising of a novel inorganic/organic complex is responsible for Black Magic’s truly outstanding performance characteristics. The results of extreme bench testing and successful applications in the field indicate Black Magic has no serious shortcomings or weaknesses.

Typical Specifications:

NLGI grade ASTM D-217 1.5 2
Color   Black Black
Dropping Point,  ̊C ASTM D-2265 316 316
60 strokes
10K strokes
100K strokes
ASTM D-217


Timken OK load, lbs (kg) ASTM D-2509 60 (27.22) 60 (27.22)
Four Ball EP
Weld, kg
Load Wear index
ASTM D-2596


Four Ball Wear, mm ASTM D-2266 0.4 0.4
Base Oil
Viscosity, cSt @ 100  ̊C
Viscosity, cSt @ 40  ̊C
ASTM D-445


Viscosity Index ASTM D-2270 70 70

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