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Product Name:Food Safe Anti-seize Grease
Product ID:TRIPAK20150206010
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Detailed Introduction:
Food Safe Anti-seize grease is formulated for use on assemblies in difficult area where fretting corrosion and corrosion induced by wet environments occur.

Food safe Anti Seize has good hot, cold and salt water resistance. It will operate effectively across a wide temperature range. The solid lubricant combination including PTFE gives excellent dry lubrication and forms a barrier between all surfaces

  1. Economical-Small applications give good lubrication film
  2. Clean Lubrication-Non staining
  3. Water Resistance-Resists ingress of water
  4. No Mineral Oil-Safe for use in food industry

    ● NSF H1 approved

Typical Specifications

Appearance White
Weld Load 315
Carrier Non melting grease
Water resistance after 500 hours 100%
Evaporation less ASTM D-972 Less than 1% 
Temperature range -30  ̊C up to 150  ̊C
NLGI Grade 3

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