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Product Name:No Carb Super HV Chain Lubricant
Product ID:TRIPAK20150206012
Reference Quote:
Packing Size:
1. 180kg/barrel
2. 18kg/bucket
3. 9kg/bucket
Detailed Introduction:

No Carb Super HV is a fortified synthetic lubricant for chains and conveyors and conveyors operating at temperatures from -20  ̊C to 250  ̊C, which gives excellent load carrying properties and resistance to corrosive atmospheres. No Carb Super is very adhesive on metal surfaces even in the presence of large amounts of water and is non-corrosive on steel, copper, bronze, etc.


  ● Extremely Low Evaporation Rate-Extended Lubricant Life
  ● Stable at High Temperatures- ideal for hot bearing and chains
  ● Contains NO Mineral Oil or Glycols ?No carbon build up

Drying ovens in the Fiber Glass, Fabrics and Plasterboard industries.
NSF H1 approved.

Typical Specifications:

Density @ 24  ̊C ASTM D-1298 0.94
Color   Yellow
Pour Point ASTM D-97 -20  ̊C
Flash Point (Open Cup) ASTM D-92 265  ̊C
Evaporation Loss, %
1 hr @ 20  ̊C
24 hrs @ 200  ̊C
1 hr @ 230  ̊C  

Viscosity, cSt @ 40  ̊C ASTM D-445 500

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