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Product Name:Megalube
Product ID:TRIPAK20150206001
Reference Quote:
Packing Size:
1. 180kg/barrel
2. 18kg/bucket
3. 9kg/bucket
4. 2kg/can(6cans/box)
5. 400g/tube
Detailed Introduction:

Megalube is a polymer lithium complex multipurpose grease. It provides extra special lubrication over a wide temperature range and contains Tri-Pak Metal Conditioner to enhance its other anti-wear qualities.

Megalube is recommended for all types of bearings and sliding applications. It performs well in CV joints, U-joints, and wheel bearings. It works well under shock loading, pounding, rough chassis usage and high load and high temperature conditions. It is specially recommended for trucks and passenger cars, commercial and industrial machinery, and for heavy equipment. It resists water and washout and is, therefore, ideal for boat trailer application. 

Megalube, despite its unique qualities, is used in the same manner as any conventional grease in a wide variety of application. It is smooth and heavy bodied, yet provides good “pumpability” in both hot and cold operating temperatures. Megalube is a super lubricant of superior quality.

Megalube with Metal Condition combines super lubrication with super protection against friction, heat and wear. The Metal Conditioner in this premium lithium complex multipurpose grease, treats the metal surfaces to form a barrier against excessive friction and wear.

In addition to its anti-wear properties, Megalube is fortified with rust and corrosion inhibitors. It also contains special Extreme Pressure and Extreme Temperature components. Megalube is a premier product that reflects the state-of-the-art in lubrication grease technology. It captures top-of-the-line quality, honors in both severe conditions applications and in general purpose lubrication.

Typical Specifications:  

NLGI grade ASTM D-217 2
Color   Green
Dropping Point,  ̊C ASTM D-2265 >260
60 strokes
10K strokes
100K strokes
ASTM D-217

Timken OK load, lbs (kg) ASTM D-2509 65 (29.48)
Four Ball EP
Weld, kg
Load Wear index
ASTM D-2596

Four Ball Wear, mm ASTM D-2266 0.55
Mobility at -18  ̊C g/min USS 0.013
Base Oil
Viscosity, cSt @ 100  ̊C
Viscosity, cSt @ 40  ̊C
ASTM D-445

Flash Point,  ̊C ASTM D-92 238
Pour Point,  ̊C ASTM D-97 -18

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