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Product Name:Big Red Non-Melt EP Grease
Product ID:TRIPAK20150206002
Reference Quote:
Packing Size:
1. 180kg/barrel
2. 18kg/bucket
3. 9kg/bucket
4. 2kg/can(6can/box)
5. 400g/tube
Detailed Introduction:

Big Red Non-Melt EP Grease is specially formulated from the highest quality paraffinic base oils and an inorganic base substance to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures yet maintain good shear stability and long life. Big Red Grease is waterproof, wash-out resists  salt spray, weather,  steam, oxidation and dirt. It is one of the few greases able to withstand heavy shock load and impact pressures of 65 Timken load capabilities.


Big Red Non-Melt EP Grease holds an advantage over conventional greases holds an advantage over conventional greases due to the addition of a specially formulated EP additive. It is used extensively in hot areas where conventional grease rum, cake and melt. Big Red never melts.

Its use in the steel industry has become legendary. In blast furnaces where on tap hole drills, mud guns and other areas on the furnace floor Big Red has extended PM periods and cut lubrication time and lubrication usage by 50%. Coke oven operations have applied Big Red to oven operations have applied Big Red to oven doors, slides and covers to extend PM periods and increase overall efficiency. Because of a patented combination of natural base stocks and synthetic additives, additives, Big Red has a clinging tacky substance which adheres to metal surfaces. It provides a slow but steady bleed of oil which continues to provide an even lubrication under the worst conditions. Other areas where Big Red is effective in Steel Plants include the BOF, Electric Furnace, Soaking pits, Hot Strip Mills, and others.

When extreme operation conditions such as heavy loads and high temperatures would cause conventional greases to fail, Big Red Non-Melt Grease will provide adequate lubrication.

Big Red Non-Melt Grease is a multipurpose grease which can be used not only where EP requirements are a necessity, but wherever a multipurpose grease is needed. Examples of users are:

● Air Conditioning                                ● Farms
● Aircraft                                            ● Marine
● Automotive                                      ● Mining Oil Field
● Cement Plants                                 ● Paper Mills
● Construction                                     ● Sewage Plants
● Elevators

● Blast Furnace                              ● Soaking Pits
● Coke Works                                ● Crane Maintenance
● BOF                                           ● River Screens
● Electric Furnace                          ● Traveling Screens
● Hot Strip Mills

● Lubricates under boundary conditions 
● Resistance to oxidation, acids, water, salt spray, weather, dirt, dust and steam
● High temperature protection up to 1100 ̊F                                     ● Long life and shear stability
● Will no throw off or sling off at high speeds                                   ● Extremely waterproof and wash-out resistant
● Provides extra cushioning to reduce shock and noise                    ● Contains special corrosion and rust inhibitors
● Seals out dirt, dust , contaminants to prolong life of metal parts     ● Exceptional anti-wear properties
● Excellent load carrying capacity 65 Timken load                           ● High shock and impact resistance

Typical Specifications:

NLGI grade ASTM D-217 2
Color   Red
Dropping Point,  ̊C ASTM D-2265 N/A
60 strokes
10K strokes
100K strokes
ASTM D-217

Timken OK load, lbs (kg) ASTM D-2509 65 (29.48)
Four Ball EP
Weld, kg
Load Wear index
ASTM D-2596

Four Ball Wear, mm ASTM D-2266 0.39
Mobility at -18  ̊C g/min USS 2.5
Base Oil
Viscosity, cSt @ 100  ̊C
Viscosity, cSt @ 40  ̊C
ASTM D-445

Flash Point,  ̊C ASTM D-92 210
Pour Point,  ̊C ASTM D-97 -30
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